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What we do

All services are provided on the computer by a licensed and qualified speech-language pathologist.

Child & Adolescent Language
- Multilingual development
- Expressive language

- Receptive language

- Reading & writing

- Functional language skills

- Self-advocacy

- Transition to adulthood

- Pragmatic/social language

Articulation & Phonology

- Making speech sounds clearly

- Childhood Apraxia of Speech

- Phonological disorders

- Dysarthria 

- Strategies for clear speech

Accent Modification

- Reduce the effect of your accent

- Increase your communicative 


Gendered Voice Modification
- Discover a voice that matches your identity
- Make changes without causing damage or strain

- Stuttering and cluttering

- Preschool through adulthood

- Strategies for minimizing and controlling your stutter

- Acceptance and self-advocacy

Parent & Family Coaching and Support
- Early childhood intervention

- strategies for supporting language growth

- AAC strategies & training

- Collaboration with school staff and other professionals

Multilingual language support
- Supporting the unique needs of dual/multi language learners

- Positive supports for home and community languages

- Testing and that takes all languages into account

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