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Alight Speech & Language Therapy, PLLC is currently private pay only. Regular therapy services are provided at a rate of $100 per hour, with typical sessions being 30 minutes long for speech/language therapy or 1 hour long for accent modification. Longer or shorter sessions are possible and package plans are available to accommodate individual client needs.


We do not directly bill any insurance plans. If you would like to seek reimbursement from your insurance, we can provide a superbill for you to submit to your provider. Be sure to contact your insurance provider to find out if teletherapy is covered under your plan. 

A limited number of discounted client spaces are available for those who demonstrate a significant financial need. Please contact us for details.

Free Initial Consultation

Every new client or family we take in will meet with the SLP to talk about concerns, how telepractice works, and answer any questions. We can outline a general plan for the next steps for you and schedule any services.


If your child's IEP, IFSP, or evaluation from another SLP is more than 3 months old, or if you are new to speech and language therapy, we will schedule a screening session. Sometimes this screening session will determine that no therapy or further evaluation is needed. Sometimes it will give us sufficient information to set goals and move forward with therapy on its own. If we decide that a full evaluation is needed, we will move on to that step!

If a new evaluation is needed, we can conduct new speech and/or language testing right here on the online platform. Using a combination of standardized assessments and informal measures such as speech and language sample analysis, parent/caregiver interviews, observations, and dynamic assessment, we can determine where you/your child's needs are and develop new goals and a plan of care.


Speech & Language Therapy

We will decide together on the length and frequency of sessions, depending on the type and complexity of your child's needs and your availability.

- For most children receiving direct, individual online therapy, 20-30 minute sessions 1-3 times per week are recommended.

- For some articulation disorders, shorter sessions 5 days per week are better.
- For early childhood/parent coaching services, longer sessions every other week or once per month are often more appropriate. 

An accent is not a speech disorder. It is a normal aspect of learning and speaking a foreign language. 

However, if your accent is getting in the way of communication, learning how to reduce it may be very useful. We would work together to learn about the sounds, patterns, and emphasis of American English and how they differ from your native language.

Accent Modification

A voice that matches who you are is an important part of many people's identity!  

There is a lot of variation in what makes a "male" or "female" voice, and we are here to help you navigate the process of developing a voice that feels like your own.

Gender Affirming Voice Services

Our SLPs are currently licensed in KS, MS, NC, NH, and OR and can provide services in any of these states.

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